Sfär "Sprickor" - LP

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In the summer of 2016, Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies) and Viktor Ottosson (Blodvite) initiated a collaborate effort in preparation for a live show at the LUFF-festival in Lausanne. This initial effort soon developed into a more enduring constellation, Sfär. For those having some familiarity with the two acts spawning the project will definitely feel the presence of genealogical lines, yet Sfär is something beyond a mere addition of the two projects. The five tracks on their debut album - Sprickor - creates an ensemble of sounds without ever loosing track of the overall picture. Not surprisingly, reel-to-reels are prevalent on the recording but Sprickor adds new dimensions to the mix; exploring text-sound collages, defunct electronics and melancholic compositions. Sprickor is only the first manifestation of a conjoined project aiming to explore new audial worlds.

Released in 300 copies.