Monokultur - "Monokultur" - LP

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MONOKULTUR LP -  Förlag För Fri Musik 012 limited to 150 copies.
(pre-order, release in late april/early may. orders placed with this item will be shipped together when record is ready to ship out)   

For US-buyers, this LP will also be released by Ever/Never records in the US, order it here:

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Förlag För Fri Musik & Ever/Never Records are proud to present the debut album from Monokultur, a duo consisting of Elin and Julius usually making up 2/4 of the wonderful Skiftande Enheter. Turning their backs on the hard-working mothership for a brief moment, Monokultur follows up the shit-stained 4-track diamond released on IDDB in 2018 with 10 new tracks. Just as sprawling and diverse, the duo's take on restless but minimal postpunk is as confusing and fucked as it is intriguing. Tracks like 'Dåliga Nyheter' and 'En Dag Jag Inte Minns' sort of channels oddball Svensk Ny Våg whereas something like 'Känner Igen Mig Själv' kind of sounds like a very hangover Felt interpreting a Mystiska 2:an comic. Much of it is soaked in a hazy, dubby ambience, the pace is slow and the head hurts. It would be extremely foolish to not mention 'Ångrar Inget', the closest we will probably get to an actual underground ballad in Gothenburg in 2019, and what a monster it is! Go ahead and pinch your arm, but don't forget that this comes from the same camp responsible for modern classics like 'Trött På Dig' and 'Tänder Ett Ljus'. There's even an, most likely unintentional, nod to Top Gun in there somewhere for a good measure. Now sitting at least somewhat firmly alongside FFFM-albums from the likes of Blod and Amateur Hour, this Monokultur scorcher both makes perfect sense and no sense at all and that's how we will always like it. Pure bedroom DIY gold, further references and selling points completely unnecessary.  - Matthias Andersson