Luft - Mats Gustafsson / Erwan Keravec - volume 1. "Inhale" - LP

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Luft - Mats Gustafsson / Erwan Keravec - volume 1. "Inhale" - LP

“The debut record of LUFT - is a two volume album of exceptional explorations within the bagpipe and reed universe ——unknown music of

poetic beauty and high energy cascades. Fast moving changes in texture and layers vs static repetitions and alternatives densities and melody treatments!

Vol 1 - is focusing on the interaction between the two persons/ instruments - with a huge variety in extended techniques and various ways of treating

the instruments - leading to an improvised music never heard of.

Vol 2 - is focusing on states of the mind. slow moving micro tonal drone activities and layers of interferences. Sounds mixing and melting together in a body of musical poetry and beauty.”

– Mats Gustafsson feb. 2018

1. Relativity for a moment 4:11
2. He tied his breathing 7:19
3. Naked 2000 volt 8:07
4. Collapsing time 6:57
5. Shaken, she lifts a cxhair 4:46
6. And lay broken 7:52

Mats Gustafsson - French Flageolet, G-Clarinet, Alto Flutephone, Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone.

Erwan Keravec - Bagpipes.

Recorded sep 13 and 14 2017 by Martin Siewert, Vienna. Coverdesign/illustration by Lasse Marhaug.

Omlott, MLR021. 2018