Angles 9 - "Equality & Death / Pacemaker" 7"

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Angles 9 - "Equality & Death / Pacemaker" 7" - Limited to 200 copys. Comes in handmade covers in diferrent colourvariations. 

"Angles 9  7 inch single will be launched by fabulous Omlott records in November/December 2016.
The two songs on the single is a raw extract from a much larger recording session (with a later release date) made in May 2016 in Sickla, Stockholm by Anton Sundell.
Anton Sundell is also responsible for the very literal cassette approach we can hear here; very sharp, loud and punchy and with a lot of wit thrown into the vortex of this mad mix!
With members from all over the place; from Fire trio, Atomic, Subtropic Arkestra, Je Suis, Team Hegdal, Oddjobb, Per Texas Johansson 4tett, All Included....Angles 9 make a music that really stands out. For what it is worth.

"Equality & Death (mothers, fathers where are ye?) " is a desperate kick in the global totalitarian face.
"Pacemaker" is about young and old - to keep the pace, ad infinitum....
Andreas Werllin, Johan Berthling, Goran Kajfes, Alexander Zethson, Magnus Broo, Mats Äleklint, Eirik Hegdal, Mattias Ståhl and Martin Küchen invites you to the musical putsch of the year!
WELCOME!" - Martin Kuchen 2016