Altar of flies / Blodvite / Elisha Morningstar/ Sewer Election & Anders Dahl - Introverted Formula - 2-LP

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“Beyond those curtains I could see a new world being born.“

A four-way split double Lp. Each acts contributes with one side.
Altar of Flies, Blodvite, Elisha Morningstar and Sewer Election & Anders Dahl.

The idea of doing this double Lp was born on the highways of Italy in April of 2013. The four acts contributing the tracks for this release were out on tour. Every night I was blown away by the shows I witnessed, realizing I had to do some kind of release making this feeling of perfection last. On this Lp you won´t be offered any cheap thrills. No worn out listening or any sniffing on new trends. Just four acts doing their own thing. Abstract tape music.

Released in 350 copies. Comes with two bigger inlays.